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Seven Other Benefits Of Music That You May Not Have Thought Off

I’ve already discussed how music changes your brain and how it can make you smarter. But music can do so much more. This blog post looks at the ways that music help to develop other useful social skill.

1. Develops time management and organisational skills

Learning an instrument requires you to be organised. You need to find regular time in your calendar for practising and lessons. You need to learn how to structure your practices to get the best out of them. It is quality over quantity. You need to become disciplined in practising your instrument. Developing good time management is a beneficial life skill for later in life.

2. Boasts team skills

Playing an instrument requires playing with other musicians at times. You have to learn to work with other people to make the music sound good. You need to learn to listen to other people and compliment what they are playing. You realise that everyone has something important to offer, no matter how small that part is.

3. Teaches perseverance

Learning an instrument is a life long pursuit. Being good at an instrument doesn’t happen overnight. It requires hours of practice. You can spend a long time on your own practising difficult passage until it sounds good and is ready to be performed to the world.

4. Increase responsibility.

Musical instruments can be expensive. They need regular care and maintenance to keep them playing at their best. You also need to be able to remember to take your music and instruments to lessons, rehearsals and music events.

5. Creates a sense of achievement

Being able to play a piece of music, that you enjoy listening but never thought you would be able to play, gives you a great sense of achievement. As you play music that other people enjoy this also increases your confidence and gives you a sense of pride.

6. Make new friends

Playing an instrument is a great way to meet new people. When you work closely with other musicians, then it is easy to become good and sometimes life long friends with them.

7. Makes you happy

Playing music is fun. It's fun to play music that you enjoy. Playing with other musicians is fun. It's exciting when you are performing in front of an audience and hearing the applause that they give you. Listening to music makes other people happy.

As you can see from this short series of blog, there are so many benefits of learning a musical instrument. The benefits are not just limited to children, it can help everyone. I will look later on at the impact that learning on an instrument can have to adults at a future date.

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