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The advantages you have as an adult learning a musical instrument

Many adults that I speak to regret not learning a musical instrument as a child, but they now feel that they are too old to learn as an adult. As I have previously discussed in my last blog post, there are many benefits to learning a musical instrument as an adult. It would be a shame to miss out on them because you believe yourself to be too old to learn anything new.

I find that adults have a better motivation to learn a musical instrument, then children. For many children, music lessons are compulsory in school. Or they might have lessons because their parents want them to learn an instrument. The child might be forced into learning something they don't want to learn. On the other hand, adults who want to learn an instrument have developed a love of music that has gone back years. They will also choose to learn an instrument of their own choice. An adult is more likely to have a particular piece they would like to be able to play; they have different goals that they want to achieve.

Adults have a lifetime of learning behind them; they have already learned many skills that they can apply to learning a musical instrument. These skills include; time management, evaluation, and problem-solving skills.

There may be some reasons why adults may find learning a musical instrument harder than a child. But an adult will have other benefits that can out weight the disadvantages. The thing to remember is to be kind on yourself; learning a new skill from the beginning can take time. But with patient and perseverance, and the help of a good teacher, anyone should be able to learn a new instrument.

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