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Does your care setting provide different sessions to your service users? Are you looking for ideas to help develop your staff to help deliver high-quality music sessions for your service users? 

I offer a selection of training courses to help develop your music activities in your care setting. It is geared towards support workers who want to use music with their service users but lack confidence in their musical ability. 

If you don't see a course that suits your requirements, don't hesitate to contact me, and I can tailor a workshop for your needs. I can also deliver these sessions online.

Help, I can't lead a music session!

If you find yourself wanting to deliver good quality music sessions in your care settings, but your staff don't feel confident in their musical ability, then this course will help to equip your team to deliver music sessions to your clients


This package includes a 3-hour course (that can be split into two) that will run through the importance of music for people with learning and physical disabilities, and it will explore the different forms music can take. It will also look at the different ways of using the instrument that may be available to you — going through simple musical activities that you could use and adapt to suit the needs of your service user group. 


This course will only use the instruments that are available to you, as you need to be able to take away what you have learnt into your service setting. 


This package also includes a consultation on how you can offer musical activities in your particular setting. Rachael, will sit in on a music session and help to advise on different activities and offer ways you can engage with your specific service user group and will write up ideas for your music sessions. 


The cost of this package is £220*  for the course and consultation. The price will also include two resource packs to help you run your future music sessions, and also a personalised music plan. 


The cost of the course on its own is £130*, and included are the two resource packs.


The cost of the consultation on its own is £100*, which includes Rachael sitting in a music session, and putting together a personalised plan for your care setting. 

*If travelling outside Milton Keynes, an additional charge will be applied to reflect travel costs.

lots of colourful cassette tapes.

How to use an iPad in a music session

Have you got an iPad and don’t know the best way to use in a music session? Or are you thinking of buying one, but want more information about what you need to get, to get the best out of it?


This 90minute training session will go through how to set up an iPad, the best way to set it up for a music session. It will go through a range of the best apps to use in a music session and will give you a chance to play with some of them. 


It will also come with a guide on how to use your iPad. 


Cost of the course £80*. 

*If travelling outside Milton Keynes, an additional charge will be applied to reflect travel costs.

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Resonance Board Training

Do you have a resonance board and don’t know what to do with it? Or would you like more information on the benefits of them and how you can incorporate them into the activities that you run?


This 90-minute course will go through the benefits of using a resonance board. It will give you ideas that you can try out. You will also receive a handout to keep which has some of the ideas as a reference for you. 


Cost of the course £80*. 

*If travelling outside Milton Keynes, an additional charge will be applied to reflect travel costs.

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