Journey Into Music is a two-part adventure for children, exploring musical concepts, such as rhythm, pitch, and musical structure. It is just £30 for each part, or you can buy the two courses together for £50.  It is an excellent foundation for musicianship, whatever the instrument they are learning. 

Journey Into Music is an online musicianship course. 

It is designed so that you can do this with your child at a time and place that is convenient for you. As a parent, you don't need any musical experience for you to help your child with learning. You will get a little guide to each session to help you understand the concepts. 

Journey Into Music Part 1 explores beat, rhythm, and pitch. By the end of the week, your child should be able to understand basic rhythmic symbols. 

Journey Into Music Part 2 continues where part one left off. It looks at musical metres, phrasing, and more about pitch. 

The course is delivered in two parts, each 6 weeks long.

There is a song or two for you and your child to learn before the main teaching video. Each week finishes with a weekly challenge for you to help your child to complete. This is to help reinforce what was learnt in the main teaching video.  The teaching videos are all short, no longer than ten minutes. It contains songs, actions and activities to help introduce musical ideas. 

eBook Reader

You have a budding little Mozart who is wanting to learn the piano. Or your child comes home from school with a trumpet. So once you have found them a good teacher, what else can you do to support your child's new interest, apart from paying the teacher. Also learning an instrument can be expensive. Paying for the instrument, paying for a teacher, and then paying for any books and accessaries they made need, so how do you make sure you get your money's worth? 


This short ebook will give you four roles you need to play and a skill you require to help support your child learn a musical instrument. 


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