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I am currently redesigning the course Journey Into Music, hoping to relaunch it in the Autumn. If you want to hear first about its relaunch and receive a special offer, please sign up to my email list. 

Instrumental Lessons: Product
Journey into music logo. The title written in black with grey footprints under and a treble clef
A mum, dad and two small girls sitting on the floor against a white sofa, watching on a tablet

Journey Into Music is an online musicianship course designed so that you can do it alongside your child. 

Journey Into Music will help to give your child a solid musical foundation. It doesn't matter what instrument, if any, your child will go on to learn, which should make learning a musical instrument easier. 

By using familiar songs, actions and activities, your child will learn the basics of the difference between beat and rhythm and how to read some of the symbols. The course will also look at pitch and how to tell the difference between certain pitches and help them understand how to read pitch in music. 

The course will be relaunched in the autumn of 2021. By signing up to the email list, you will find out first when it is available, and you will be given a special offer to redeem if you choose to participate in the course. In the meantime, I will be sending out emails telling you a little bit more about the course. 

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