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Spring Term News 2019

It has been another busy term for Rachael Inwood Music.

With a full schedule of piano and flute students, a couple of great grade one exam results. Some of my students finished the time by doing an Easter Challenge based on the new Classic FM Podcast, it is an excellent resource for kids for learning about music history and composers.

I have also been running music workshops every week for Whats The Drama, a theatre company for adults with learning disabilities. These sessions have been lots of fun as they have been coming up with their own arrangements of well-known songs while learning singing techniques and musicals concepts such as beat and listening to one another. They will be performing some of their works at their coffee morning on 30th May.

I have spent a few days away writing some music with a group of songwriters and will be doing some more in May.

At the beginning of April, I spent a day at the Purcell School of Music with the Piano Teachers Course. It was a good day learning more about Kodály and jazz theory while meeting up with other piano teachers.

Coming up next term, I will be hosting my students summer concert. I am also looking at the possibility of running some group lessons over the summer holidays. If this something that you are interested in, then please fill in this form.

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