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Summer 2021 and its all go!

Me on holiday last summer

As I write this, I am sat in my office listening to my piano finally being tuned. I can't wait to get on a play it once it is done. There's nothing like playing on a piano that's in tune! I can't quite believe that it's already August, I meant to write this at the start of July, but I have been busy.

In April, I returned to in-person lessons for all that wanted them. It has been nice to see everyone in person once again, sometimes for the first time! However, I am still offering online lessons to anyone who wants them. Three of my students took exams last month, and all three of them had passed! I am so pleased with their result especially knowing how hard they worked during the last year. I am proud of all my students and how they have coped with the challenges of the previous eighteen months.

I have recently worked on a project with Milton Keynes Arts and Heritage Alliance as part of their annual Big Make Project. For them, I produce a video workshop on creating your own drums and creating some rhythmic patterns. You can find the video here.

At the end of July, I did my first live performance in eighteen months. It was so good to be back playing in front of real people, and it was such a lovely atmosphere. I played for a wedding during the ceremony and some of the reception. If you would like me to provide some live background music on the piano for your event, don't hesitate to contact me here.

In my previous post, I have recently become a creator for My Music Resource. This website sells teaching resources that music teachers make. I have more resources available on the site. Please follow my FaceBook page, which I regularly update, if you want to keep up to date on new resources or any special offers.

I'm looking forward to a slightly quieter August. However, I will be using the time to prepare for the Autumn term. I will also be refreshing my online musicianship course. If you want to know as soon as it's relaunched, please signed up here. There are many exciting things in the pipeline; I will share what I am doing in September.

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