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A hopeful Spring

As I'm writing this, the sun is shining and actually feels warm for the end of March. It's lovely to see the flower blooming and the blossom on the trees. Spring is my favourite season, seeing all the new life appearing after winter's long cold dark months.

A picture of someone taking a selfie of a online music lesson.
Waiting for a student to arrive for their lesson with me

This winter has been particulate long and dark. I'm so thankful for everyone who has supported me over the last couple of months. Now the infections rates are beginning to drop, and things are starting to reopen. I plan to begin to resume in-person lessons again next term for existing students. It will be lovely to see everyone again and sit and listen in the same room as my student. Of course, online lessons will remain for anyone who would like them.

Besides teaching, I have also published the 2nd part of my online Musicianship course for children, Journey into Music.

Journey Into Music Part 1 explores beat, rhythm, and pitch. By the end of the week, your child should be able to understand basic rhythmic symbols.

Journey Into Music Part 2 continues where part one left off. It looks at musical metres, phrasing, and more about pitch.

I have also become a content creator for My Music Resource. This is a website that sells teaching resources that music teachers have created. So far, I have updated some interval flashcards that I use with my students, a practice journal and a worksheet for the Easter holidays. I will be adding more resources over the next couple of months.

On the songwriting front, I have been doing plenty. I have also started co-writing with other writers, which has been a lot of fun and improved my writing skills. Hopefully, there will be some new music out later in the year.

A laptop onto of a musical keyboard, with a gallery of faces on a Zoom call
The end of a songwriting masterclass that I did earlier this year

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