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What to expect from instrumental ​lessons with Rachael Inwood Music​​

We cannot escape music. It brings us joy and helps us reach places emotionally we otherwise might not. Learning an instrument should be about developing a lifelong love of music and being able to express your emotions through the instrument. I believe that everybody is creative and is musical; it’s about finding the right way for that individual to learn. My goal as an instrumental teacher is to encourage students to learn to love music and enjoy playing their instruments.

Each student is an individual and learns in a different style. I hopefully try to reflect this in the different methods that I use to teach my students. I understand that everyone has different needs, different reasons to learn an instrument, different goals in mind. And I try to do my best to cater to them.

The early stages of learning an instrument should not be rushed. Strong foundations in musicianship and instrumental skills are needed from the start. It will help them as they advance in their musical learning and they are less likely to give up. For more information on how I teach beginners, please see my post on it.

Musical skills will be taught in different ways. Through listening to music, reading notation, learning theory, composing. Activities will take place both on their instrument and off it. There should be an element of curiosity in each lesson. Students with me will hopefully be comfortable to explore and experiment with the new concepts and techniques that they are learning. They are encouraged to as questions about the music they're playing.

I do follow a curriculum that is based on A Common Approach by Music Mark, and the Piano Framework written by The Curious Piano Teachers. This helps me to make sure that I am covering everything needed to create competent musicians. I don’t teach students just to pass exams as it means that you miss so much learning as the focus is only on passing exams rather than being able to play. I want my students leaving me being able to play whatever music they like 20 years after their last lesson with me.

When leaving a lesson with me, I like my students to know how what and how to practice the pieces that I have given them to do. If they don’t understand or they want more during the week, I am happy for them to ask questions to me.

Above all, learning a musical instrument should be fun. I do by best to make sure that my students enjoy learning to play their instrument and develop a love of music that lasts the rest of their lives.

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