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My music teaching philosophy

Music should be fun!

My aim for all my students, either learning to play the flute or the piano, is to develop a love of playing music long after they stop having lessons instead of teaching for exams (Although I will enter students for exams where appropriate). I don't enter students for exams every year.

Music is a language. Children learn to speak their language before being able to read and write. By teaching music through demonstration, imitation and repetition, beginners can develop aural perception and memory, making learning to read music much more effortless.

You cannot rush the early stages of learning an instrument. Strong foundations in musicianship and instrumental skills are needed from the start. It will help them advance in their musical learning, making them less likely to give up.

Musical skills will be learnt in different ways, through listening to music, reading notation, learning theory, and composing. Activities will take place both on their instrument and off it.

There should be an element of curiosity in each lesson. Students with me will hopefully be comfortable exploring and experimenting with the new concepts and techniques they are learning. They are encouraged to ask questions about the music they're playing.

Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and set personal goals. If they want to bring their musical ideas and suggestions to the lesson, they can. Even if their requests are unrealistic at the time, we can work together to achieve what they want.

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